I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a small partition on my hard drive. However, I later realized that I would need more space to move some files I needed onto it. I shrunk my Windows 7 partition and used GParted Live to expand my Windows 8 Partition, as the built in windows partition manager is incapable of extending volumes to the left. I then inserted my Windows 8 install usb as I knew it would be unable to boot following the movement of the partition's start. However, Automatic Repair reports that it was unable to repair my PC, refresh reports that the disk is locked, and chkdsk /r /f tells me the disk is write protected. I am able to write to the Windows 8 partition from my Wndows 7 Partition. A chkdsk /r /f from the windows 7 partition has locked up at 14 percent of step 4 (verifying file data). Any idea what went wrong?