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Two usability questions (Picture view, starting programs)

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    Two usability questions (Picture view, starting programs)

    Hi guys,

    I've had two weeks of Win 8 experience by now. I'm using it with an Acer T231H touchscreen display.
    There are two issues that bother me:

    1) Viewing pictures similar to Win 7 + previous. If I download pictures from dropbox, or quickly copy some from an SD card, I want to view them without hassle and instantly delete the ones I don't like. Like in Win 7, with the arrow and delete keys. The metro picture viewer doesn't work that way, and I don't see the need to add the folders to My Pictures all the time. Is there any simple method?

    2) Starting programs with the touchscreen only: I can start, log in and have the metro view. I can get to the desktop and start anything pinned to desktop or taskbar. If I want to open the calculator, I don't see any option to do this with the touchscreen only. The right bar won't open using the touchscreen, so I'm lost?? There has to be some kind of solution to that, e.g. gestures?

    Hope you have some input, those are the two main issues bothering me. Yes, the system looks great, but I do think it is better suited for tablets than for proper desktop PCs.

    /e Okay, the right bar can be opened by flicking it in. Stupid me.


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    Just use ctrl, backspace, double right click, left arrow, page up key to access the calculator!

    Jk, I have no idea how to open calculator unless you type it in and search with the onscreen keyboard.
    To answer your first question, I think the easiest solution would be to turn the metro app off as default for photos. Apps are craptastic compared to even the most basic desktop photo solutions.
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    On your Windows 8RP keyboard just type in "calculator" then click your finger onto it, and there ya go.
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Two usability questions (Picture view, starting programs)
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