Hi again,

I posted a new 3d some hours ago, about how to shrink and create a new partition (https://www.eightforums.com/general-d...g-new-one.html)

After that I encountered a new huge problem: PC has gone out of control!

It goes just smooth until I log in with my password.
Then it isn't able even to load metro-style start page ("this view is empty").

I'm able to get access to desktop only by pressing Win+D.
Only from this situation I can get access to a working Start page.

But this is just a bit of the problem...

Most of the apps don't work, or crash in a matter of seconds (e.g. IE10, Live Mail).

But, most of all, the PC is at least 10 times slower than usual.

I didn't install Win7 on the partition already.

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot