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Final Thoughts on Windows 8. Four days of pain and I am out.

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    I think this is a isolated case to the OP. I've run the initial beta and the current preview release on an old Dell laptop and it runs like a top. I never had an issue that wasn't caused by me. Drivers have been the biggest issue for me. No 64bit drivers for my video card so I couldn't really use the 64bit version. I tried to use an asus usb wifi adapter and again a driver issue. But that's not windows fault, that's the devices vender not putting out more recent drivers.
    And most recently I installed win8 on a new Intel SSD. All I can say is wow. This 6 year old laptop starts and shuts down faster than my brothers lenovo with win7 home. I could probably start and shut it back down by the time his laptop boots fully into windows.

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    Or, get rid of metro apps and pin all the Desktop related items to the Start Screen.

    That's how it becomes Desktop-centric and better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcman50 View Post
    The PC has been dead since 2009, wake up and smell the thermal paste.

    Trying to create YOUR OWN version of reality? LOL

    I am guessing that the PC is still the crux of most peoples digital experience. This is especially true in the business world. The business world is probably where most computers get used on a daily basis and is the bread and butter of the Microsoft install base. I stand by my statements, I do not seem them embracing this OS any time soon. Time will tell.

    This is most ordinary folks reality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidvoyage View Post
    I finally made myself "like" Windows 8.
    Solution: Simply completely ignore metro apps. The first thing I do when my PC boot up is click on the "Desktop tile".
    So what you are saying is, the first thing you do when it boots, is make it behave like windows 7, then you are happy?
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    Happy is what we all want, if using the desktop most of the time makes you happy then it's all good.

    I use the desktop +97% of the time, I still enjoy using Win8.
    Agree that with desktop usage it's similar to Windows 7, but has some other advantages.
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    Regardless of what we the members of this forum think, in Brinks post here, entitled: "How Microsoft can salvage Windows 8 before it's too late." it refers the reader to a ZDNet blog by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. And if what AKH has to say is only partially accurate, it seems Microsoft is in trouble with Win8. And given his credibility in respect of past experience, I would think his comments are very pertinent.

    Even so, the following statement by him gives a glimmer of hope:

    However, given that the Redmond giant has already gone on the record to say that the UI that we see in the Windows 8 Release Preview is not what will be in the final release, it's safe to say that things are in a certain state of flux.
    So hopefully some compromise can be reached by MS to accomodate traditional desktop users. The format is a serparate issue to the OS bugs still in Win8.

    For me personally I would almost never use Metro, as I'm not into MS apps, and never use cloud storage. When I installed Win8 I chose not to create an account with MS so sign in at boot up is not an issue. While Classic Shell does get the job done, I stil prefer the Win7 Orb and Start Menu.

    In regard to cloud services, I think MS are just joining the gold rush. Almost every free or retail 3rd party program I use has cloud service in one form or another; from Avast AV, Zone Alarm, Acronis ... to storage for upload/download files like Dropbox, TinyPic, etc.
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Final Thoughts on Windows 8. Four days of pain and I am out.
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