Hello,My sound is not workin and i try to fix thet i try to statup win 8 safe mod i go for cmd and i sercrh msconfig its open the window and i go for start and i actviet the optins the 3 optins (im sory i not numbr the name optins )i do restart and the camputer startup normel its open all normel and the plebrom is its not show me the login i cant to open the camputer i cant to wirte the password its not show its just show the optins i not see the login ,i try to cange startup for win 7 and this not show optins icant to open the win 7 i stack ,i heve disc win 7 and i not want to del all i heve so musch files and i not want to del the all and win 8 some can to tall me plis how i can to fix this ,help,sory for my english i not spec english ,help,by and tanks.

(if i download from microsoft win 8 and i burn the instal and i try to instal in the bios its workin ?)