My Win8.1 screensaver has a problem. After the screensaver activates, I move the mouse and there is a blue screen for about 5-7 seconds. Then the normal windows screen displays. This can happen no matter what was previously displayed, desktop without any programs running, Thunderbird, MS Word or whatever displayed. It doesn't matter whether Mystify or Bubbles or Ribbon screensaver is selected.

This problem is intermittent. Sometimes it doesn't happen but when it starts doing it, I can move the mouse right after the screensaver kicks in and the blue screen can display.

I'm running the Classic Shell on Win8.1 on a Dell Studio 1537 laptop by the way. Thanks for any suggestions.

Any suggestions for a third party screen saver that has a moving screen like the Mystify screensaver. No screensavers with stationary pictures. A third party screen saver that will automatically kick in when no mouse or keyboard activity for x minutes.