Hello everyone,

First of all allow me to introduce myself briefly, I'm DiaborMagics, new to this forum. I'm Dutch and my computer's language is set to Dutch, so if I mistranslate anything, I apologize in advance.

The thing I would like some help with is the following: I just tried to open a number of .png files at once, by selecting them all and hitting 'enter', but then a program pops up that asks me how I want to print the files. Confused I right-clicked and saw that indeed the default was set to 'print' (afdrukken in Dutch). Selecting only one of these files, however, defaults to my program of choice: Snagit Editor. By selecting multiple files I was unable to choose 'open with...' to change the standard program and seeing as my default program is already the one I want, that should not be a problem.

Obviously I wanted to open all of these files and I did not want to print them. I don't even have a printer....
So how do I stop multiple .png files from defaulting to 'print'? I did not check what happens with other files besides .jpg files and those work fine. They default to 'open', as they should.

If anyone can provide me with any insight or solutions to my problem, that'd be a big help now and in the future; I'm working with .png files more and more.

Thanks in advance,