I can't believe there is a forum for win8, thought nobody liked win 8.. i have no preference but it is surprising to me.

Anyways, I am having a problem with my laptop, it is an Alienware m15, it has been a long ongoing problem but now it is unbearabe. The computer is now running very slow, it will randomly give me a Microsoft OS crash error, but then corrects itself. It flickers to a grey screen for a second, sometimes five minutes. Just yesterday, upon start up it took almost 10 mins to get to the log in screen, where it then jumped from my log in screen to the tablet display, and back and forth a bunch of times. I had no control over the laptop so i powered it down.

Today i took it off of the shelf and it is running.. some pages say to reinstall drivers, I am thinking it could be my video memory I dont really know what to do. Also, how do you clear your video memory.. it is starting to get on my nerves that there wasnt an easier way integrated as it seems to be neccisary for any gaming. (with the m15 anyways)

thank you for the help people.