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Haven't been paying much attention to W8...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    Hardly! Going by your POV (Point Of View) why doesn't everyone stay using Windows 3 Windows for WorkGroups! Even going by what your saying, and they were kept active, then the computer processor world would of ended! *Example* Windows 3.1 will not load on a modern processor! Even though it says it will work on a 32mhz or BETTER processor. Also Microsoft gives you a better warranty that a car manufacturer, with them you get a limited 1 year or 50 thousand mile warranty. Also, I take it by your objection that YOU must be still running DOS (any version) right? The statement you have made, is something that someone that doesn't want change.

    Quote Originally Posted by fafhrd View Post
    It's fine for things to have use-by-dates, as long as it is clear at the outset that they are time-limited, such as the Release Preview of Windows 8, or for a financial software package to require annual renewal of license to enable taxation updates.

    I can only guess how unpopular Windows would become if the small print read that the OS would shut down every 30 minutes after a certain date was reached, unless the license was renewed and a fee was paid for upgrading. I think Linux would benefit greatly from that.

    To suggest that the plug should be pulled on outdated OS versions whose licenses were sold without that provision is ludicrous and inflammatory.
    Read it again, Mike. What's my POV? At least comment on what I said, not some strawman soapbox argument of your own invention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    Aero, smearo. It uses valuable system resources. NOT a needed thing IMO.
    Yeah, you could say it's not needed, but Aero is actually pretty resource conscious. I had it running with I think 16 MB of video RAM. Graphics hardware is at the point where Aero isn't a lag on the system anymore as it did with the vista days.
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Haven't been paying much attention to W8...
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