Without my wifi adapter being PHYSICALLY plugged in, I hardfreeze, audio loops, fans spin up loudly, and I autoreboot about ~5 mins into it, with no BSOD. I'm fine having it plugged in and just sitting offline. Its the times when I'm not plugged in that it crashes.

I can boot into it without wifi, and can go anywhere between 5 - 45 mins without crashing, but no matter what, it will lock up.

Things I've done:
Upgraded from 7 to 8, so I know its not windows specifically
Un and Re installed drivers for wifi
Ran with ethernet (still crashed, so I know its not lack of internet itself)
Googled it

Which, as I said before, assumes I'm already ON wifi

I have a Netgear WND3xx (I'll update this when I find the box)

I consider myself tech savy, and have no problems getting my hands dirty. I just want this fixed.

Thank you for your time.