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    Thanks for all your replies guys, I'm going to abandon this now.

    Either Microsoft don't know themselves, or don't care to help me properly, not sure which.

    I honestly don't know why Windows Search seems entirely missing from my PC. I read the RSS feeds most days from gHacks, Gizmo's, How-To Geek and The Windows Club so maybe I got a bum steer on a Windows Search tweak or Windows tweaking program, but with such a heavily evolved system as mine, who knows. I couldn't snapshot the before and after changes for this even if I wanted to because the after is a non-standard unknown event that I can't reproduce.

    And not even the great ' Repair Windows' program restores Windows Search.

    Whatever, I'm going to switch to Win10 pro in a year or so anyways.

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    I found the answer to this.

    Reinstalling Windows Search on Win 8/10 is a piece of cake if you know how to do it, which begs the question of why it's impossible to find anything on the web explaining how to actually reinstall Windows Search from scratch rather than the hundreds of articles just explaining about turning it on or off or enabling/disabling it in some way or restoring the service permissions, etc. There's no need to reinstall Windows to get it back as some so called experts say elsewhere.

    You open a cmd (admin) prompt and then:

    dism /online /disable-feature /FeatureName:SearchEngine-Client-Package

    which hard disables/uninstalls it so that it's missing from Turn Windows features on or off

    and to put it back again:

    dism /online /enable-feature /FeatureName:SearchEngine-Client-Package

    which downloads and installs it brand spanking fresh from Microsoft's servers (I had to try twice though).

    Also, worth noting, that refreshing or upgrading Windows version doesn't work and doesn't bring back Windows Search once it's hard disabled.

    Also, these commands apply to all the other Windows features which you can discover with:

    dism /online /Get-Features
    dism /online /Get-FeatureInfo /FeatureName:SearchEngine-Client-Package

    Hope this helps somebody.

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    Thanks for posting the solution.

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Windows Search
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