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PC won't boot, can't get to BIOS or safe mode.

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    PC won't boot, can't get to BIOS or safe mode.


    So just a hour or two ago, after I had restarted my computer (it was working ok afterwards, except the fact the internet wasnt wanting to work at all, i restarted to try fixing that), the computer will not boot up. It will be stuck on the animated loading circle thing, sometimes if I wait long enough it'll BSOD for a split second and then restarts. At times it'll bring up a "automatic repair" thing, it'll try preparing it and then suddenly it'll go into a black screen and do nothing afterwards.

    While it is loading, the keyboard will be on for a moment and then turn off, I have tried mashing function keys and it does jack, I was trying to see if I could boot it up with ubuntu to try recovering files of mine but it won't let me, if I remember correctly I have to set up some stuff in BIOS, then load ubuntu via flash drive. But as I said, pressing function keys does nothing at all. This also means I can't get to safe mode.

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    It sounds like a hardware issue. Did you try another keyboard?
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    Try Hiren's Boot CD. It has saved me from similar situations before. Other than that you could try reinstalling Windows.
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PC won't boot, can't get to BIOS or safe mode.
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