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PC powers down now and again.

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    PC powers down now and again.

    PC powers down on it's own now and again.

    Win 8.1 64 bit

    This has happened a few times over the last 2 weeks giving me no reason why. It powers back up fully and functions as I expect to.

    I had a pop up last week saying that my AMD Driver was out of date so I updated it thinking that might have been the reason for it shutting down.
    I also made sure the vents were not blocked and also blew out inside of the tower to make sure that it wasn't overheating.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Usually, when it powers off if its not an AC power issue it is a thermal (overheat) issue. Could be the CPU, could be the power supply.

    Does it power back up immediately or after a short period? Unfortunately, if its the power supply the only real way would be to replace it. If its the CPU, the thermal heat compound (between the CPU and cooler) could have deteriorated and in that case it will require cleaning off the old and applying new.

    Monitor the system temperatures and see if you can determine what it is.
    There are many free monitoring programs around.
    Speed Fan is one, Speccy is another.
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    I will look into using a Temp Monitor App.

    It does not power back up on it's own at all. I have to do that manually.
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    Manually powering on is normal. However, can you power back on immediately or do you have to wait a little bit?
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    I downloaded and installed Speedfan.

    It all seems way above me. I have no idea what I'm looking at.
    I checked out a tutorial video and that confused me even more. I have not configured anything as I don't know what should be what.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    Manually powering on is normal. However, can you power back on immediately or do you have to wait a little bit?
    It usually powers down when I am away from the PC and when I come back and notice it has switched off, that is when I reboot.
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    Are you having any AC power problems? A momentary power outage would cause it to power off.

    What temperature program did you download? Most I've seen do not require any configurations.
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    I got Speed Fan 4.52

    We don't have or had any AC problems that I'm aware of.
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    I don't have it, but used to. I don't remember any configuration requirements. Just run it and see what the temps are
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    The GPU is hovering around 42c and the Core around 42c.
    There are green check marks at 42c... if the temp goes up to 43c the green check marks change to a red upwards arrow and after a second or 2 they go back to 42 and green check marks again.
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PC powers down now and again.
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