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Unlocking a computer after scammer has locked it?

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    We did ask for a photo of exactly what it says if we know exactly what we are dealing with we can then look for a solution we have access to top malware fighters. Its very rare to get a bios password set by remote as you normally have to be in front of the pc and its not a simple thing to do via software and would have to be hardware specific its possible its booting fast from hibernate and its actually a windows password see Virus put bios password on computer. - General Security

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    I'm very new to this computer lockup/password needed situation. Is it less likely a UEFI/BIOS lock [earlier, from an outside source] and more likely a "replacement Windows login lock" [earlier, from an outside source] that happens right after the UEFI/BIOS hands off control to whatever comes next in the post/boot/startup chain? I know so little that I lost my way in this very informative and deep thread.
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    I have seen that dialog, or something more or less identical to it on OEM business systems. Dell for one where a unique per device key is in the bios but is defaulted to off. I have also seen these systems glitch occasionally and set them to on. The only way to remove this type of lock is to contact Dell with Proof of ownership, and the unique device OK for them to use special software to re-generate the unique key. This software is supposedly only available in house to Dell but I suspect that other copies exist out side Dell

    Not aware of this being used on gateway consumer systems but it is possible I suppose
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    As its hardware specific I doubt its a bios password its just down to having to be very fast to get into 8 if its coming out of hibernation. The thing to do is start tapping the bios key like mad before you turn it on and keep tapping with luck you can get to the bios so we know its a windows problem if you get to the bios then set it to boot dvd or usb first so you can boot a install dvd and try system restore. We do need the photo as we may be able to identify what it is. Its still worth trying cntrl alt and del on the password see if you can get taskmanger up
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Unlocking a computer after scammer has locked it?
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