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What's your favorite feature of Windows 8?

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    What's your favorite feature of Windows 8?

    I think it's time to discuss what we LIKE about Windows 8!

    I'll start, my favorite features by far are the new power management abilities, Start Screen, Automatic Maintenance, and Windows Defender. The power management abilities of Windows 8 exceed that of 7 and it ACTUALLY manages the power of my PC! Before in Windows 7, I had to install a motherboard utility by ASUS to speed down the processor and the rest of the system to reduce power when I don't need it. It was ok, but not like Windows 8. In 8, I can set the power plan to Balanced, and it actively changes the processor clock speed to match my usage. Or, I can set it to Power Saver at night and the processor is clocked down to 800 MHz. But it's just not my system that it does that on, it will do that to pretty much EVERY PC! Fantastic!

    Start Screen is cool, simply put. It's fresh and new and makes the user experience new.

    Automatic Maintenance will save me SO much time dealing with other peoples' PCs and their performance issues. No longer will I be nagged! And speaking of nags, Windows Defender has a built in anti-virus, which again, less issues to deal with!

    What are yours?

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    What's your favorite feature of Windows 8?
    Still trying to find one.
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    While I agree that Win 8's power management is top notch, I don't see any improvement over Win 7 in this regard. With Win 7 I can have the OS auto-throttle the CPU, the WiFi hardware, the GPU and the hard drive. All without any manufacturer's MB software.

    I'm not knockin' Win 8 here, I love it. But I don't see any power management features that I didn't have with Win 7.

    As for my favorite feature...there's too many to mention, IMHO. :-)
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    I tried replicating the power settings in 7 to that of 8 in the Power Saver plan, and saw no obvious reduction in speed. In 8, setting the system to Power Saver has a noticeable affect on system performance since the processor maxes out at 1.6 GHz.
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    hybrid boot
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    Reduced RAM consumption
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    I wouldn't necessarily describe it as my favorite feature, but I like the improved multi-monitor support on the desktop side of things.
    Finally being able to put different wallpapers on my monitors natively is nice. Being able to stretch the taskbar across both screens, and have the ICON for the open program display on the monitor its open on, is also nice. It's too bad Metro sucks so bad in this regard though.
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    Got a couple of features of Windows 8 that I like

    1). Ability to mount an ISO file without 3rd party utilities
    2). File history feature that you can output to an external drive including flash drive)
    3). App history feature of task manager...see what has historically taken resources
    4). Drive pooling feature. Ensure that important files are stored on 2 different physical drives on your machine.
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    Installation time
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    windows 8 release preveiw

    Has to be the hybrid boot and the crisp finish and everything is pointed nothing is rounded except the back and forward buttons and the simplicity of the design.
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What's your favorite feature of Windows 8?
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