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Windows 8 wont Shut Down

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    Windows 8

    Windows 8 wont Shut Down

    When I go to shut down, I get the above message. If I hit Cancel multiple times the screen eventually goes off, but the computer remains on with hard-drive activity continuing. I have to do a forced shut-down to turn it off.

    In Sleep mode everything works properly. I have no drive F:
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    Windows 8

    The graphic I attached has disappeared, making it hard to make sense of my message.

    I have installed the Desktop Shutdown shortcut and that has solved the problem (thanks Brink).
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    Windows 8: RP

    I a also having this issue. What I do is so far all I do is sign off FIRST then scroll over to the power button on the bottom right of the screen and then choose Shutdown from there. But I guess the shutdown shortcut would work too....?
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    I used to use the Win and R keys to open the Run dialog.
    Then use the shutdown /s command to force a shutdown.
    You can also create a shortcut and pin it to the task bar that'll do the same thing (I have one that sleeps my system now).
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Windows 8 wont Shut Down
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