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"Change the background colour of start" does not open

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    Strange behaviour in Search function in Windows 8.1 Metro

    Metro is not functioning as expected on one of two machines that have the same cloned disk. It's very surprising. Original machine = Desktop Asus: Does not work Laptop = Laptop Asus i5 - C drive is a clone of the above: Works The problem is the right hand sight search bar in Metro. On the original hard drive it doesn't work. I don't get any hits on my searches - and if I do, the item doesn't open. The problem does not exist on the drive that's on the laptop - despite the fact that I just cloned this drive FROM the one that has the problem. I avoid Metro - but using Metro is the only way to access the functionality that lets you customize the startup scrieen colour and accents....
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    There is a fix you can do with the metro interface. Search and you'll find it. I don't remember anymore. But this was solvable. Just took some time searching for the solution and I almost never use Metro so am not familiar in it
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"Change the background colour of start" does not open
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