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Command prompt quesstion

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    Command prompt quesstion

    What does command symbol % mean?

    For example I know that CD means Current Directory or Change Directory.

    What does %CD% mean?

    Don Cole

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    From Stackoverflow:
    1. The percent sign is used in batch files to represent command line parameters: %1, %2, ...
    2. Two percent signs with any characters in between them are interpreted as a variable:
      echo %myvar%
    3. Two percent signs without anything in between (in a batch file) are treated like a single percent sign in a command (not a batch file): %%f
    What is the difference between % and %% in a cmd file? - Stack Overflow
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    Quote Originally Posted by doncole View Post
    What does command symbol % mean?

    For example I know that CD means Current Directory or Change Directory.

    What does %CD% mean?

    Don Cole
    You can see what %CD% means by typing "echo %cd%" in the console. The output you get will be the current directory name. So it means the current directory.
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    On my Win 10 Pro system, %cd% appears to hold the last cd (change directory) target you entered.
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Command prompt quesstion
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