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Windows 10 Status as of now

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    Windows 10 Status as of now

    I asked this last time that I wanted interested in upgrading to Windows 10 because of the bugs and how scary it was. After alot of time and questions being reasked and my computer selling Win10, I had to ask that question again.

    One other thing is that my mother's work: they have started using Windows 10 and she tells me its great. Still, I'm not so sure because I hate for my computer to be a casualty from this upgrade.

    So as of this posting on 5/2/16: how is Windows 10 right now? Is it still buggy, is it safe, will my computer be affected badly or lose any data or files I have, etc?

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    Windows 10 is excellent, the best OS Microsoft has released to date.

    You will most likely have no problems upgrading from 8.1 to 10. They key words there are most likely. Stuff happens. You could be one of the unfortunate people that runs into a problem, so, take out insurance.

    By that I mean do a full image backup of your current system to an external USB attached hard drive using a program like Macrium Reflect (free or Pro) That way, no matter what happens, you are only 20 minutes away from fully recovering and getting right back to where you were before doing the upgrade.

    Once you have that and have created the rescue disc, then go ahead and upgrade.
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    Ztruker gave you excellent advice. I just wanted to add that most problems can be solved with a clean install. I know it can be a pain replacing all your programs and looking for drivers, but well worth the effort.

    If if you do decide to do a clean install, do your normal upgrade first and make sure Windows 10 is activated. Then do a clean install. When it asks for a product key just hit "skip". You do not need to enter one. It will activate automatically.
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Windows 10 Status as of now
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