I have an interesting predicament; it's actually more of a nuisance than a serious problem: I have just copied several GB of files from my work computer to my laptop so that I can take advantage of a personal software license. My goal is to extract all the patent maps contained in these files--any PDF filename that contains the word "patent" has a patent map somewhere in the PDF document. As a result, I want to conduct a search for PDF files that contain the word "patent" in the filename.

Unfortunately, when I type "patent" in the search box, Windows 8 yields almost no results, even though a manual search indicates that hundreds of PDF files exist in my dataset (all my files are contained in a folder entitled Information Order) with the string "patent" in the filename. In fact, I tried an experiment--I typed different strings into the search box to see if any filenames would pop up; I have a lot of files with the string "statement" or "certificate" in the filename---these searches also proved futile.

However, I have no such search issues when I perform string-based searches for files that have been on my hard drive (I have a solid state) for more than several hours--so I'm wondering, does Windows 8 require a minimum amount of time to index newly copied files so that it can conduct fruitful searches?