Hi, Forum,

I am a bilinguar guy, that uses a tablet win8.1 to read books, articles, watch movies and so on. When a text file is in cyrillic alphabet, the cyrillic symbols are not properly displayed. This means, that, when I read a book, or watch a movie with subtitles, instead of displaying this for an example - "раб", it is displayed this - "" and basically any word is not understandable, like this one.

Fine, I have found how to resolve this: Control Panel -> Region -> Administrative and settle a country, where the cyrillic alphabet is official - Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and ect. After I done that, my irritation has really started, because when I read German text from a .txt file, or even in some programs, that I have installed in German, the vocal umlauts are displayed in cyrillic alphabet. So instead of seeing "", "" and "" in words like "bren", "ffnen" and "ber", I see respectively "д", "ц" and "ь" in "bдren", "цffnen" and "ьber".

This is actually more than irritating. It hasn't been seen in any previous Windows, at least to me. Does anyone know, how can I fix this, so I can see every symbol properly displayed, without changing my tablet region and resrart after that, every 5 minutes?

Best regards