HP Stream Mini
8gb Ram
128 GB ssd
Windows 8.1

I use the Mini strictly as an HTC running KODI connected via HDMI to a 60 inch LG Plasma.

Everything runs fine and works well...until I turn the TV off for about 5 minutes or so. After turning it back on KODI will lock up and I have to kill it manually. When the Windows desktop comes up there's now an error about running out memory and another one in the Task bar about being low on Disk space. I assume this is related to the D: drive as most of the 7gb is used up for the backup partition. The C: drive has over 100gb left.

This happens every time the TV is turned off. If I just let KODI run with the TV on, no errors appear and the machine runs normally. It seems to me there's something going on with the HDMI port and how Windows react's to the signal, but I don't know if there's something I can check or a setting I can change?