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Stopping Touch keyboard toolbar

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    Stopping Touch keyboard toolbar

    Windows 8.1 64
    Recently, the touch keyboard toolbar icon appears on the Taskbar every time I turn on the laptop. That was not the case in the past.

    I've unselected that toolbar, which makes its icon dissappear, but the next time I open the laptop, there it is again.

    How do I permanently "unselect" the touch keyboard toolbar?

    Actually, because I never use it, how do I permanently uninstall or remove it?

    Thank you.

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    How to disable Items from Startup Tab

    Touch Keyboard Toolbar is Startup Item which opens automatically when you start your system.

    I would suggest you not to uninstall it but you can disable the item from MSCONFIG which will not open that tool until and unless you want to open it manually.

    Follow the below path in order to disable Touch Keyboard Toolbar from MSCONFIG.

    1. In Windows 7 press the windows key and a search box appears at the bottom of the start menu.
    2. Type MSCONFIG in the box and then press the ENTER key on your keyboard. Click on the MSConfig icon that is listed in the start menu.
    3. This launches Microsoft's System Configuration Utility.
    4. The MSConfig window contains 5 tabs :
    5. How to disable Items from Startup Tab.
    This tab lists applications that run when the computer starts up. It shows along with the name of their publisher, the path to the executable file, and the location of the registry key or shortcut that causes the application to run.
    ∑ Clear the check box for a startup item to disable it on your next startup.
    ∑ If you've chosen Selective startup on the General tab, you must either choose Normal Startup on the General tab or select the startup itemís check box to start it again at startup.
    ∑ If you suspect an application has been compromised, examine the Command column to review the path to the executable file.

    Note: It is important to know what a service does, before you make a decision to disable it Permanently. You can always run a search in Bing or Google for the service. That would supply an explanation of what that service does for your machine. Alternatively you can go to one of the various third party pages and see if you can match your service against one of their lists.

    Andrew Beck
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    Thank you Andrew, but that didn't work here. In 8.1, msconfig/startup tab is blank and tells you to use the task manager. So I went to the task manager and it doesn't list the touch keyboard. Nothing to unselect.

    In 8.1 the touch keyboard is part of the control panel's accessibility tools. It is unselected there but still reappears as a Taskbar toolbar icon,even though it is unselected there too.

    This is a recent problem, probably introduced in one of the recent critical updates. I've searched the web but have not found a solution that works.

    Looking for help
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    Additional note.
    I've also disabled the touch keyboard in "Services" but that does not stop the touch keyboard toolbar from being reselected in the Taskbar toolbars.
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Stopping Touch keyboard toolbar
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