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Running Windows from a USB HDD

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    Running Windows from a USB HDD

    I made a USB HDD that I am running Windows 8.1 off of. Does anyone know if I can update the Bios of the computer that is running Windows off the USB HDD?

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    Just curious.....
    Is there a good reason why you need to update your bios?

    If there is any kind of error, or power failure, during the process, you've just turned your PC into a boat anchor or door stop.

    Have you checked out the correct process for updating your particular Bios? Some can be updated from within Windows, but others must be updated from a file that you downloaded and copied to a bootable disk.

    So, what is the correct procedure for updating your particular bios?

    Again, Just Curious.....
    Why are you running Windows from a USB device? That's extremely S....L....O....W! Eh?

    Good Luck!
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    I'm trying to learn more about flashing Bios. Especially Insyde Bios. Yesterday I was able to downgrade a Insyde bios from 1.08 to 1.06 on a old Acer I have. I made the Windows 8.1 that runs off a flash drive or usb HDD and was wondering if I had a computer that wouldn't boot , but still
    had bios access and video capability, if I could run Windows off the usb and flash the bios from that. Since I already knew I could recover the bios with a flash drive, I went ahead and flashed from the usb HDD. I went ahead and tried it and it does work.
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Running Windows from a USB HDD
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