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Trouble gaining access to a file even after security tab

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    Trouble gaining access to a file even after security tab

    So, I recently downloaded a comic book reader, and with it came Chromium. I've been trying to get rid of the damn thing but it's pretty resilient. I was trying to end all its tasks on the manager, but I kept getting access denied, so I went to the security tab, advanced settings, and I was already set as admin (owner) with all privileges and I'm still getting the access denied. Any suggestions?

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    Obviously, you're not familiar with the program "Grant Admin Full Control".

    I always seem to get in trouble when I post links, so I will just say, "Google it!", download and install it.
    Then when you right click on any file or folder, in the drop down menu you will find 'Grant Admin Full Control' as one of your options.
    Click that and you will have full ownership of the thing you just right clicked on.

    That pretty much ends the problem with "Access Denied" messages.

    I call "Grant Admin Full Control", "Take Ownership" on steroids. I install it as SOP on every Windows PC that I have to set up.

    Oh, did I mention..... it's 100% FREE, with no hidden 'Gotchas'.

    I've needed to disable certain .dll files so that I can disable certain programs, like Cortana.
    All that's really needed is to change a .dll file to something else, like .ddd, but when I try to do that, I get that obnoxious "Access Denied" message. The solution to that problem is to Take ownership of the file, with Grant Admin Full Control and then go ahead and rename the file.

    On reboot, the old .dll file can't load and the program it's associated with can't run. Also, once a .dll file is renamed, it can usually be deleted, if that's required.*

    * Or, if you ever want to re-enable that program, just rename the file suffix that you changed before, back to .dll and the program will once again run on boot-up.

    It's amazing what you can do, with the right tools. (and, some of the best tools are still FREE!)

    Cheers Mate!
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Trouble gaining access to a file even after security tab
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