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No access to recycle bin

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    No access to recycle bin

    Running 8.1 with Classic Shell on Dell XPS laptop. I can find $Recycle.Bin - Shortcut folder icon in Desktop but when I click on it the message is This folder is empty. I can't find a conventional Recycle Bin icon. Any ideas?

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    I'm sorry, it's been two days since you opened this thread, so I figgered you at least needed a "HI!" and a

    But I'm curious..... what is it in the Recycle bin that you're looking for? Loose something?

    I only look in my Recycle Bin if I've erroneously deleted something. But then, notoriously, I hold down my left Shift Key when I click on "Delete" so that what I'm deleting never goes into the Recycle Bin anyway.
    Most disk cleanup programs will delete Temp files and then empty the Recycle Bin. An empty Recycle Bin is the sign of a well maintained PC.

    If that's the only problem you're having with your PC, you're doing pretty well.

    Cheers mate!
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    Hi TechnoMagic, what I got from this dude is that he wants the Recycle Bin on his desktop.

    To put the "real" Recycle Bin (not a shortcut) on your Desktop, do this:
    a) Right click on the Desktop -> Personalize
    b) Press the Change desktop icons link (on the left)
    c) Check Recycle Bin

    This icon will show you all the stuff you delete. I hope this helps
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No access to recycle bin
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