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Stop my computer from going idle

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    Stop my computer from going idle

    power options doesn't seem to help

    Running win8.1 and I want to stop my laptop from going idle, mainly I want to stop idle maintenance because for wtever reason it causes alot of my problems for me

    My word and powerpoint goes not responding whenever idle maintenance kicks in after i go take a shower and sometimes i get bsod during idle maintenance

    I tried to disable maintenance but the setting always resets after few hours/days, so is there anyway to stop my laptop from going idle?

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    WELL, I'd like to say, "bring it over here and I'll help you with it", but even though you don't give your location, I can see from your 'time' that you're too far away for that.

    I have six laptops, all running windows 8.1 and none of them go into an 'Idle' mode.
    (not even sure what idle I've never seen it)
    I have one of my laptops sitting here and turned ON, right now, and it will sit there just waiting on me to do something, till I eventually shut it off. I have disabled, screensaver, sleep, hibernate and everything else that would prevent me from running a program, checking my email, or playing some Solitaire.

    Are you possibly meaning "sleep" mode or even "Hibernate" mode?
    I just automatically shut OFF both of those when I set up a new install of 8.1.

    More information would be good.......

    Cheers Mate!
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    Windows 8.1 Professional (64-Bit)

    There's apps that can automatically move your mouse over a certain amount of time. Respond back if you want me to look for it for you. I just saw it a few days ago
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Stop my computer from going idle
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