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Anyone using Windows 8 as Primary OS?

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    Multi-Boot-PCs W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64

    Sorry for the confusion!

    I'm not trying to show off - i KNOW how little i know !

    PC = Personal Computer
    HTPC = Home Theater PC
    STB = Set Top Box (device provided by Cable company to watch TV)
    USB, PCI, and PCIe - google it or look in wikipedia

    TV Cards are add in cards that allow viewing (and recording) directly on a PC.
    They support connecting antennae, cable STB, VCR, or just about any video input device.
    These cards are installed in slots in the PC available on the motherboard (MB).

    I add PCI and PCIe TV cards to my primary PC as my needs evolve.
    I also may add USB media devices if and when i want them.

    If you are sitting 10 feet away! Do you hate your computer?
    I'm 62 years old and my eyesight is not what it was when i was 20.
    I can't sit 2 ft away from large screen LCD's (TV's) and work well.
    And i don't want to sit 2 ft. from a large screen!

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    Windows 8 32 bit

    lol 10 feet away can you even see the computer let alone what's on the screen or the screen itself, I know I cant but then I am 47 and not got the eye sight or in this case eye site ( well was worth a try ) I once had, blame it on Frankie howard his sense of humour has a lot to answer for ( up pompei ), might be the wrong but you know the bloke I am talking about
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    Multi-Boot-PCs W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64

    lol , i can see 10 ft., i can't view a large screen from 2 ft. for very long.
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    Getting ready to format my main PC with Windows 7, and put on Windows 8 Enterprise x64. Will run that til it's released, then buy and get a legit key.
    I've run the Win 8 Ent on VM, and see no real issues with it.
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    Windows 7/8

    Would seriously suggest not wiping over your windows 7 install if you can help it...

    At least do a full image backup of your OS drive so you can restore it just in case!
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Quote Originally Posted by gizbug View Post
    Getting ready to format my main PC with Windows 7, and put on Windows 8 Enterprise x64. Will run that til it's released, then buy and get a legit key.
    I've run the Win 8 Ent on VM, and see no real issues with it.
    Be careful - Windows 8 Enterprise is only available to customers with an enterprise-level software assurance agreement and will only activate with a volume-license KMS or MAK key. If you want to get the same features and use a retail key, you'll need Windows 8 Professional, not enterprise. You'll gain the ability to run Media Center, but you won't be able to do Windows to Go or DirectAccess, which for a home user shouldn't be an issue. Enterprise is only available legally to SA customers, though, so if you're a home user, don't download or install Enterprise on a home-use machine!
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    Been 24 hours and no activation reminders for enterprise edition. THe pro edition requires activation.
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    windows 8 release preveiw

    not worth it i wanna go back to xp, i never use metro at all
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    XP? That is so like 8 years ago...
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    Windows 7

    I don't have Win 8 yet but I plan to have it as soon as I get back to the states. In general, I think MS needs to let go of Windows and go forward with Metro. It may end up as a re-branding of Windows but believe it or not, compared to Apple and Android, Windows is starting to come off as fuddy -duddy and way too long in the tooth. Metro would be a good break into the future and a way for MS to take on a younger face. I have not tried it out yet but I plan to go all the way with it once I do.
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Anyone using Windows 8 as Primary OS?
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