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Anyone using Windows 8 as Primary OS?

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    Sydney Australia
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    I have been using it as my primary OS for Ten Months now, since Developer preview (14-9-2011) and it has been a dream to use, I won't be going back to 7.
    It was a bit of a steep learning curve to start but If you use it enough you get to become comfortable with it.

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    i am on my custom built desktop pc because i haven't bought a OS yet.
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    Windows 8 enterprise x64

    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    I gave up on Windows 8. Too much trouble.
    I can't believe it , happy to see you back in the right side

    Last edited by area 66; 03 Jul 2012 at 17:58.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I've been using it as my main OS since the Developer Preview last September. There have been a couple of device drivers that didn't work before that work automatically in the Release Preview. Every single day, with the exceptions of a networking device not installing and working in 8, I've been using Windows 8 in full glory; some gaming, Office, user data back ups, large data transfers, interwebbing, and consume app content. At this point, I genuinely feel that Windows 8 has offered benefits and made things easier to do than 7. Granted, there are a few things you need to learn, like the Charms bar more than anything, but overall I think it will be a great system to use everyday.

    Then again, it's up to the user. Some don't like the Start Screen, but the benefits there usually trump over the arguments against. Like for one, I can pin custom Libraries to it and access easily from the Start Screen. Items that aren't on the Taskbar are pinned to the Start Screen and can be visually and quickly found.

    Go for it! Start the Future!
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

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    Windows 10 x64

    One of those things that Win7 misses:
    Click image for larger version
    Who uses that anyway?
    Why would they put it there?
    -because is useful: some of those (good) older programs require it and I don't want to manualy go back and forth wasting time changing resolution, it happens automatically.

    And seriously, that legendary UP button in Win XP explorer that was removed in Vista and 7 (why??) is back.

    And there are some other good new features that were added and those would probably make me upgrade when the rtm is ready.

    We'll see.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and Windows 8 Enterprise N x64

    I would have used it as my primary OS if Battlefield 3 had worked on it

    After a few weeks I got tired of having to restart in to Win 7 whenever I wanted to play. Usually that was when a friend called me "Let's play" and I have tons of stuff open.
    Enoys me to restart en must open everything again
    So untill BF3 works I will not use Win 8

    But I love it, it just that little problem
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    Windows 8 enterprise x64

    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post

    And seriously, that legendary UP button in Win XP explorer that was removed in Vista and 7 (why??) is back.
    Seriously ?, is that so hard to click on anyone of the folder in the address bar to come back where you want. It's way more usefull than a UP button since you don't need to click may time to come back few folders UP

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

    How about networking with other Windows 7 machines? There are 2 other computers in my household. I want to make sure I can still share files like a champ should I choose to load 8 on one of them..
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    Windows 8 enterprise x64

    I Have 0 issue networking Windows 8 with all my others PCs, Servers Microsoft or not. Of course my Windows 7 are not set-up with Home group but with Workgroup or Domain.
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Anyone using Windows 8 as Primary OS?
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