hello. Could you please help me? I am using both win 8 and 7 in my Asus laptop. Everything was fine for a year, but suddenly I got this problem. Whenever I tried to log on to my win 8 it is automatically diagnosing my PC n asked for my bitlocker recovery key. I locked the drive which contains win 7 with bitlocker, but I'm afraid if I use the recovery key win 7 will also encountered problems so I skip this bitlocker step but then it said windows is unable to fix the problem so I cannot log onto my win 8. My windows are already installed by Asus and they didn't give me a recovery CD or some sort so I can't refresh the win 8. Stupidly I also didn't know about the restore point so I didn't have a restore point to restore my windows. My win 7 is still working fine though. Can you guys pls help me? Is there any way I could get my win 8 back, or if possible, is my win 7 can help me fix win 8?