On one of my machines (running win 8 pro), checking Windows Firewall Control this morning shows Windows Compatibility Telemetry as an outgoing event . Two events occurred at 3:28am, one connecting to a server in Cambridge MA, the other to a server in Mexico (??).

I think Compattelrunner.exe a win 10 compatibility thing? Since I can't block it with the free version of WFC, I've created an outbound rule in the native windows firewall to block it.

So the question is, is this program necessary to anything other than the invasive win 10 sneak tactics I've come to expect from the 'new' MS? If not, I guess I'll disable it. Being a system file, of course it can't be disabled from within windows. Will a safe mode command prompt do the job, or will I need to boot from a Linux live cd?

Thanks for any insight.