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Sleep mode turns off keyboard and mouse

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesAhead View Post
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    OTOH my computer, which is fairly old, does not support the ACPI S4 state, but only the S1 and S3 states. Could this be the reason why I cannot wake up from Hibernate ?
    Speaking of which you give no info about the PC make,model, processor etc..
    There must be a Windows 8.1 hardware compatibility grid around somewhere. The trouble is MS pages like this one got overwritten with the W10 stuff:

    Perhaps this site will give a lead:
    Is Your Software & Hardware Compatible With Windows 8.1?

    If anyone is adept at hibernate problems on older PCs fell free to chip in. I avoided hibernate and deleted the .sys file whenever possible.
    As it turns out I do have to make sure in Device Manager that all my USB hubs are set so that they cannot be powered off in order to get Sleep to work. But in Hibernate mode it seems that all my USB hubs are powered off and the Power button no longer does anything.

    My computer is an MSI K9A2 mobo. The BIOS supports S1 and S3 but there is no mention of S4. I think the lack of S4 is why there is no way to return from Hibernate for me. At least Sleep does work consistently.

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    Just a little trip down Memory Lane.....memories to share with the newcomers.

    Going all the way back to when MS first introduced the Sleep mode, people have been posting that their PC went to sleep and never woke up again.

    So, I've just made it a standard part of every Windows install to totally disable Sleep and Hibernate and to only allow two modes on those PC's, that being ON and OFF. Everything is much safer that way. And you avoid having that humongous 'Hiberfil.sys' file residing in your Root Directory.
    Actually, I don't even like screen savers, on home computers, because I've found programs that will stop working while a screen saver is ON. Modern day computer screens really don't need saving anyway, because they don't 'Burn', like the old CRT's did.

    I thoroughly subscribe to the K.I.S.S. method of running a computer (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
    The more complicated you make it, the greater the chance of something going just terribly wrong, because Windows is far from being Bullet Proof.

    Good Luck,
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    I agree with all your points TM.

    Modern day computer screens really don't need saving anyway, because they don't 'Burn', like the old CRT's did.
    Even in the case of CRT monitors the only time I ever saw images "burned in" to one of them was when a company would have the monitor sitting on a table in Reception with the company logo displayed for months on end. When I first got my Laptop fast booting seemed cool until I realized it also caused headaches. Better just to boot normally. If something does go wrong it is much easier to figure out what.
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Sleep mode turns off keyboard and mouse
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