Hi, I have been having trouble with my HP Pavilion Notebook 2320dx for awhile. At first my text cursor would simply disappear after 10 seconds, then reappear after 5. Also my back ground screen at top would change from blue to gray in sync with the text cursor disappearing. I've tried everything from updating touch pad driver & installing Touchfreez to running HP Assistant & dsim error check. My background screen doesn't change and my text cursor doesn't disappear. NOW my text cursor remains blinking, but after 5 seconds or less I simply cannot type until I move my touchpad (or mouse) cursor to exact spot of my blinking cursor. If I try to rename a picture, I have to align cursors at least 3-4 times for one short caption. Int typing this I have had to realign cursors 15 times. I have been talking to someone on HP Forums, but he has been unable to help. My warranty has expired, so HP Support won't help me without a fee. I have run HP Assistant,
I've had my Notebook for several years now. When I first bought it, this text issue was an immediate problem. Someone on an HP forum helped me, I just don't remember the solution. Then everything worked great until I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. The text problem started again. I didn't like Windows 10 for various reasons, downgraded to Windows 8.1. That was 4 months ago. Everyone on forums gives the same advice. Any help would be appreciated.