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Blue-highlighted folders &/or files can inherit next actio

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    Blue-highlighted folders &/or files can inherit next actio

    Blue-highlighted folders &/or files can inherit next action.
    Concerning deleting files accidentally, within Win 7 for sure, I've noticed right after copying or moving, the target folder's new contents, and sometimes even copied or moved folders, often are "blue-highlighted," and if I do not "remove" [click once anywhere in white space] the highlighting, the very next explorer.exe action may include those blue-highlighted aforementioned folders and/or files.

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    That is the normal function of windows to copy or move files..

    The reason why it's a good thing that it shows/highlights in blue the files you just moved is for many reasons actually but one very good reason be incase you want to move back files.. or see what you moved ..

    lets say there are 1000 pictures.. and you move 389... you want to see the 389 and show it shows you after you move them..

    -there are other ways to see what you moved ofcourse, like sorting by date modified/created in the folders etc..

    there are also other ways like using the Ribbon to move..or copy/paste..

    but look, if you really don't like it.. use a Free Program (which is more fun than windows explorer anyway) called TeraCopy

    - here is the actual download..

    Here is the page to show you TeraCopy..

    TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector

    and here is a video to show how to use it.. But I hate these videos as they don't show you all the things you can do to make your life easier with it.. Maybe I should start putting up videos and I'll make money too...

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    There is better ways to use TeraCopy, and if you are interested let me know, I'll show you..

    like setting the preferences..

    and when you copy/move files, open 2 file explorer windows and copy/move holding right click and then select "teracopy" etc..

    Click image for larger version
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Blue-highlighted folders &/or files can inherit next actio
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