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Microsoft Windows not responding

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    Windows 8.1

    Microsoft Windows not responding

    I have looked around on this forum and seen some people with similar problems but none quite the same as what I have. Currently my PC is pretty much out of order I can't open most items this suddenly happend with no prior notifications to this problem. It just happens one day I log into my computer it infinitely loads I had to cut the power after 3 hours of waiting. I get in the second time but nothing that should open usually (Skype) isn't opening. I also can't shut down my PC with out cutting the power it just infinitely says shutting down I also can't open files or the start tab I can't search for things on my PC or it says
    Microsoft Windows
    The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait.
    do you want to end this process?
    End process Cancel
    PC specs
    Gpu GeForce GTX 760
    Cpu Intel r core i7-4790k CPU 4.00 GHZ
    8.00GB ram
    anything else I can put I can answer more questions if needed

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    I have looked around on this forum and seen some people with similar problems but none quite the same as what I have.

    If you did look around the forum you also would have gotten plenty of things to try..

    like boot in Safe mode.. and start looking at your startup items with msconfig

    Safe Mode - Start Windows 8 in


    SFC SCANNOW and DISM RESTOREHEALTH - Repair Corrupt Files

    and you would have seen to run programs like Antimalwarebytes and Eset..

    (run this with Internet Explorer -it works easier) Free Virus Scan | ESET Online Scanner | ESET

    run like

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1

    Ok I will try this
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    Windows 8.1

    So I cannot do what your first link requests for I cannot open any thing that it requests to be open
    I also cannot download anything I can't open any browser (I am currently using my phone)
    I also cannot do the corrupt file scan if it is to require a download
    so I have no idea what to do right now I can't find anything on what is happening to my PC right now
    I will continue to look for answers to my problem but you seem to be the smartest in this area of anyone I have seen so far.
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    do you have access to a recovery CD ? windows installation CD?

    I"m definitely not the "smartest" in this department.. I just have seen and experienced a lot of problems with computers.. and it would be just dandy if the others would chime in..

    but, there are some crazy ways to get into safe mode.. one involves turning on your computer and as it's loading windows, you are supposed to pull the power plug and force it off.. (or hold the power button down if you have a laptop with battery- or just unplug the battery!)

    supposedly after the 3rd time it will ask you if you want to go into safe mode.. or recovery mode..

    that might be an option.. since you are dead in the water so to speak.. but i'll research more about it..
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    Are you able to get to the desktop when you turn on your computer? if so, then you would hold down Shift and Restart the computer holding shift the whole time..
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    Ok I can get to my desktop and no I can't restart it infinitely says restarting same with turning it off
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    so once your at the Desktop, You can't Restart holding Shift key on the left keyboard? and hold shift ..???

    ok sorry just read what you wrote.. hold on

    can you do this?

    open up command prompt and type "msconfig"

    you open command prompt by pressing Windows key + R

    then type "cmd.exe"

    see picture

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1

    By the way I don't have access to a download for Windows or a recovery cd but I just want to get this PC out of its turmoil
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    can you read my last post now.. and see picture?

    *EDIT** -

    and did you not try the restarting and power off 3 times while loading windows screen appears? see if recovery mode comes up?? (you power off before you get to the desktop..)
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Microsoft Windows not responding
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