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Can't click on anything

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    Can't click on anything

    HP laptop windows 8.1. I do not have a separate mouse. I have always navigated with the TouchPad and clicked using that. This started yesterday. I can still move the cursor with the touchpad, but cannot click on anything.

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    Click image for larger version
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    Did not work

    I can see the mouse but I click something and it doesn't open it. Sometimes I click on an icon and will drag it around the screen. I then have to repeatedly click the mouse to release it. I cannot open anything with a mouse click, but I can always see the pointer.
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    god.. do you have "clicktouch" on?

    look for your trackpad settings in control panel..

    It's shown at 1:23 in the video.. Don't worry about the first thing they show.. just go to 1:23 in the time of the video..

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    That wasn't it. Anybody else have any other solutions. It's driving me nuts because laptop is pretty much useless without being able to click to open something.
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    Look at the amount of people with HP and can't click.. you might be looking at a refund or return .. possibly even a product Call-back situation..

    My only other suggestion is not fun (which Is why I can't do it for you right now as I am probably going to get my Masters Degree audition very soon and need to focus on that, so sorry but other people have lives too..)

    But atleast start here and look at what other people did if they solved it..
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    Gave up

    Nothing worked so I just bought mouse and disabled the touchpad.
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    So all those other people have non working touch pads on the post I gave you and they just all bought mice (mouses?)??

    Which defeats the purpose of having a travel laptop.. You want to carry a mouse everywhere.??.

    You took the time to read the last pages of the HP postings I gave you in the last post?

    Of course it's not fun and that's probably because HP decided to make Chinese based products and apparently did not test them enough.. Look at the amount of problems people having HP computers recently.. Tablets and touchpads that don't touch! Ha..

    Take it to a local repair guy and tell him you will pay him if the trackpad works but if he can't get it, thanks for trying..

    Or take the time to cheat and just look at the last page of the threads on the HP website about touchpads..

    (Which I even linked you to in my last post)
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    I looked at every page of the link you gave me. I tried it all and nothing worked. After messing with it for a week, I bought a mouse. Thanks for the help.
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Can't click on anything
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