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How do I find out what drive I'm saving to

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    How do I find out what drive I'm saving to

    I'm running Win8.1 on a high-end PC.

    I have 3 hard drives on my computer. I'm saving a document now. When the save window comes up, it says, "This PC>Downloads." Win 8 and 8.1 have problems. I understand that. But I'd at least like to know what hard drive I'm on right now. What hard drive am I saving to? How do I get "This PC>Downloads" to say something like "This PC>D:\>Downloads?

    Any help with this will be very much appreciated.

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    well if I understand you correctly..

    you only SHOULD have 1 Downloads folder.. and it should be on C:\

    so... who cares how many drives you have, C , D, E, F , G and H:\

    your "PC downloads" folder is always at C:\

    if you want to see it, go to "This PC"

    then C:\
    then Users
    then your "User name" -whatever you named your computer when you installed/started windows first time..

    and then you will see "downloads" under C:\Users\*username*\username\downloads..
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    and 2. maybe look through view options? I don't know which one it is.. but have a test at the one I highlighted..

    it may still now show you the letter in the "save to" box.. but try it..

    Click image for larger version
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    My experience has been different ...

    My default "save path" appears to have been C:\Users\<username>\Downloads -- which is certainly NOT C:\Downloads -- as there is no such folder on C:

    Since I don't like filling up C: by default, I have changed that to E:\Downloads -- in all my apps and Browsers.
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    I could have been a little bit clearer perhaps - but I just mean to say "this PC" = C:

    Not one of his other 3 drives he mentions.. If you see "This PC", it means The hard drive windows is installed on.

    I then tried to mention it's located at C:\users\(whatever name your computer is)\downloads\
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    64-bit Windows 8

    On my system, the "This PC" folder contains an icon for each drive. You may have your view options set differently than mine.

    At any rate, you can create a folder of your own, on any drive, give it its own name (not "Downloads") and then make it the default folder for downloading.
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How do I find out what drive I'm saving to
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