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catastrophe with upgrade

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    catastrophe with upgrade

    Hello,I am new to this forum and decided to start with general support hopefully to get kicked in the right direction.

    Less then a year ago I purchased a new HP all in one that came with Windows 8.1 installed.The offer for upgrade to Windows 10 came and I went for it.It worked ok for about a week and then began to act funny-slow downs, running at high loads all the time-lets just say I liked 8.1 better and wanted to go back,but not before trying a restore point in Windows 10 which would not work.(I tried four or five times).

    Started to get fed up and attempted to go back to Windows 8.1 which it would not do.Tryed to recover Windows 8.1 but there is no partition there or something.Now I have no W10 or W8.1.Can't get into safe,repair anything like that.

    I tried the factory recovery disks that came with 8.1 but a note comes up and says the disks are not recognized by the system and to contact HP.Now if I don't press escape to try and get into safe,repair or any of those menus it just brings up the first screen ,after that a blank black screen and then turns off.Then only thing I could change would be boot order-oh yeah it also is telling me the MBR is gone..nice huh?

    I refuse to believe this almost new machine is shot-oh yeah I ran all the diagnostics (which will work)and everything passed including the long time hard drive test,processor,memory all came out good.

    Anyone care to give some advice or kick in the right direction I would appreciate it!Oh by the way I do have the 8.1 key written down somewhere in this computer room.Thank you.

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    1. why do you have OSX for your system specs? ????!!!!

    2. (video posted below) this has got to be the most annoying way to show people things but.. find your computer model and try to see if you are restoring correctly..

    how can the HP CD not work with the computer you bought and they came with it right? did I read that correctly? I dont think HP does that.. just sends home the Wrong CD's in boxes of computers..

    wait, Ok probably because you upgraded to win10 the HP restore disks might be freaking out..

    you know, HP has a forum with users that know how to reset your computer and maybe know more ways for you to use your HP restore disks...

    Home - HP Support Forum

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    Thanks for the reply Brooksndunn-I have OS X as my operating system because there is also an Apple IMac here at the house.

    I will try and see if I can get some help in determining if the recovery for either 8.1 or windows 10 is still present from your link.Thanks.

    Looking at your video now.
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    oK search the forums on HP that I hope I linked correctly to..

    Also even ask the HP forum as those guys use HP computers only.. its the HP forum..

    that video is just a random video I found searching youtube for "hp all in one restore" ..

    but I don't' particularly like it.. and it's just an example..

    I, by the way, have a Lenovo computer that used to have "recovery partitions" that you absolutely had to have to "restore" it..

    well I deleted those recovery partitions, when I installed windows 8.1 myself and now I can't go back to restoring it... but the point of this story is, on the actual Lenovo Forums, there are some freaks who apparently put together a fake recovery partition back in the system forcing it to think it's back and you can go through the process of Lenovo OneKey and get a default restore back to a Lenovo system etc.. so that's why sometimes you go to the forum of the actual manufacturer...
    good luck..
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    If going on the support forum doesn't work, you may have to download the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 ISO files.

    If you Google, Windows 8.1 media creation tool, it should bring up a link for you to download a Media Creation tool, so you can download the necessary version of Windows. You must burn it to a DVD or copy it to a USB flash drive.

    Same thing must be done with Windows 10. Download the media creation tool, and download the version of Windows you need.

    Depending on your internet connection, it can take about 45 minutes, to as much as 6 hours to download, depending on your speed such as dsl, satellite or cable internet.

    You should be able to use the install media to do a startup repaid and hopefully correct the issue, if worst comes to worst, you may need to do a clean installation of Windows
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    Thanks for the reply lmaneke and again brooksndun.It doesn't seem HP is too interested in this problem and kind of blew me off.

    Some people I know in the IT field and also yourselves are recommending going the ISO route.Does this mean doing both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10-I ask because it would be what happened before the problem-(I had 8.1 factory installed and upgraded to Windows 10 from MS link)?

    At any rate I couldn't attempt any of this as I will be out of town until Feb.20th.I will try the ISO when I get back.Thanks again for trying to help me.Hopefully it will work.
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    Well just use Macrium Free and make an Image of your current computer right now.. then you can always go back to that and do whatever you want ...

    You save the image to an External USB drive or USB etc.. or a ton of CD's if you want..

    then you can try all kinds of things like refresh, reset.. install different windows.. because you can always go back to the Macrium backup image you made of your computer right now..

    Macrium Reflect Free

    there are plenty of youtube videos showing how easy it is to do..

    watch one that is recent though.. as within the last year 2015..
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    Hi guys -been away for awhile,I am now in the process of creating media creation tools for both 8.1 and Win 10.I will let you know if any of this works...plan is to try and reinstall 8.1 first and then Windows 10.
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    Obviously, you're too far away from me, so I can't just say, "Bring it over here and I'll fix it for you".

    But let me just say, if you don't like Windows 10, and many people don't, then concentrate on reinstalling Windows 8.1, and leave Windows 10 out of the equation, for now anyway.
    It's what I use here on more than 12 PC's and I love it, for its compatibility with older software and hardware alike.
    I've installed 8.1/32 on PC's that are 10+ years old and it runs like a champ. It even runs some old 16 bit programs that I like to use.

    I was involved in beta testing Windows 8, and our admonition to all new testers, was "Backup your OS, before you even start messing around with a new OS". That same message was echoed by MS.

    Then we started Beta Testing Windows 10, and the same message went out again, almost daily! And again, people would ignore the admonishment and come on the forum stating that their computer had crashed with the new OS and they lost all their data.

    Good backup programs have been around for a long time, , , at least since Ghost was first released in 1997. But yet, even with all the talk about it (making backups) on every PC forum in existence, we still get the same cries for help when something goes terribly wrong with Windows. I can sympathize, but in most cases I'm too far away to be of any real help.
    Just doing a simple Restore of the original OS, would solve the problem in just a few minutes.
    I have a sign above my monitor that says, "Do backups, at least once a week" just to remind me to practice what I preach.

    Find a copy of Windows 8.1..... the same version that was originally installed on your PC, and do a RE-Install. Downloading ISO's of OS's is pretty easy and commonplace these days. I know of one site that has all the original MS OS's for download, with no viruses, spyware, hacks, cracks or add-ons. You only have to supply the License. I'm not allowed to give the site name here. But it's where I got all my Beta copies of Windows 10, while I was Beta Testing that OS.

    Good luck, and please let us know if you find a resolution to your problem.

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    Hi guys,I wanted to write back to let you know I finally had some success and installed Windows 10 on my machine!I guess you can say my skills are a little better than average but of course there are billion things I don't know.

    I stumbled my way through the creation of a USB with the media creation tool for Windows 10.(I also made one with Windows 8.1 on it -I figured I would settle for whatever worked,if any.

    Before trying the USB,I went in and reset the Bios and security to the original configuration.I didn't think it worked for awhile but I was inspecting the bios settings I happened to notice a reference to Windows 10 and when I clicked on it it changed screens and it gave me a choice to repair or install Win 10.I took a chance and it then began to download files and and then the blue screen showed up that shows you different choices for repair,or change settings.I fooled around with this a while and finally got it to complete the install (after restarting the process a few times).

    I guess the truth of the matter is I can't tell you exactly how I got this done but I did!I'm elated to say the least!The whole program is there as far is I can tell,runs well,have e-mail and all the little bells and whistles that come with Windows 10.

    I liked 8.1 and don't really mind 10 either-it seems like its growing on me.

    After this I went to the HP page for my machine and downloaded all the drivers I needed.The only thing is I don't have a recovery partition of course,but I do have my stick!I have a couple small mt partitions because I looked up how to install this and MS recommended to delete them all so I did and the program went where it was supposed to-the C drive.

    Thanks for your reply and suggestions TechnoMage!Funny I was just in your state last week on a vacation!

    So...what have I learned?Backup Backup Backup!!!(Not that I didn't know..I just didn't do it and payed the price!)

    PS thanks to all you guys again for your help!
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catastrophe with upgrade
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