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    3 Questions

    So yeah i wasn't sure where to put this so do forgive me if this is the wrong forum but uhh yeah here are my questions

    1.I have Graphics so thats so outdated it won't run basic and light programs i'm used to.I was told it actually dates back to Windows NT but i hope thats a bucket of horse **** and that It's just been upgraded by the previous owner. Would i just be better off buying another laptop or would it be actually worth updating. This laptop, i hate it, but i'm stuck with it until i can actually get my main laptop repaired. Here are the specs. I want to upgrade the ram FIRST. So how much would that cost?

    OS:Windows 8.1
    Processor: Intel Atom CPU N450 @1.66GHz
    Installed Ram:1.00GB
    Type: 32 - bit
    Graphics: Intel(R) Media Accelerator 3150 Corporation - WDDM 1.0

    Please help me god it needs some help....

    2.Yeah so i am trying to use Rpg-maker but it says it won't run with less than 1024x768 resolution. My resolution is less then that and cant go any higher so am i just straight screwed or what?

    3.Mcafee is annoying as hell and always takes up all the CPU,Memory and Space on this thing. Is there an anti virus that won't constantly spike this laptop? Even on my main it would spike my disk and it annoyed the crap out of me

    4. I'm just throwing this in here cause i'm curious and desperate but what games would be possible on here? I know nothing over a gb is possible or one that requires a decent processor or decent graphics card

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    In my opinion it's just not worth doing anything with that..

    Maybe others will disagree..

    I think this is a joke, but .. he has 2 videos showing games..

    and then just to upgrade you will go through all this??

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    Well, I too have an Acer One Netbook , and to just get to the ram or HD, you have to split the little guy apart.
    Mine came with XP on it, and I've tried both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, both 32 bit, and neither OS has the proper Video drivers, so the video really sucks! Evidently Acer had to write special vid. drivers for that little PC.

    So after trying the two newer OS's. I restored my backup copy of Windows XP and all's well again.
    I'd never try to use that tiny little PC for anything serious. (Solitaire and email is just about it!)
    And I certainly would not try to open it up. There are many tiny little connectors inside there, that are easily broken.
    If it ever dies, I'll just frame it and hang it on the wall. rofl

    Only 1 GB to run Windows 8.1? Ya gotta be kidding me!!! I'd not even try to run McAfee or Norton or any of those AV programs.
    If you have one, UN-Install it immediately, and re-enable Windows's a much lighter AV program and sufficient for most home PC users. Then install "Super Anti-Spyware" and run just once a week, to remove PUP's and Tracking Cookies. That will free up a lot of RAM.

    PS: Get your main laptop repaired ASAP and don't do much more with the Acer.
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    I don't know how much that Acer was..

    but maybe try getting a clearance or refurbished i3 or i5 that you can upgrade Ram/hard drive..

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3 Questions
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