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Windows 8 Metro File Picker Dialog

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    Windows 8 Metro File Picker Dialog

    Hi there,

    I was watching a demo of the Windows 8 metro-style file picker dialog, and one thought came into my mind: does Metro has drag/drop and copy/paste functionality with regards to files?
    Would be much more efficient than the file picker dialog. I always try to avoid these!

    Regards, Carl

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    Interesting, if you had a dual monitor up with the desktop or explorer on one and an open metro app on the other, could you drag a file on it... I haven't tried but I'd put money on "No".

    The entire design of Metro was to basically be 100% app centric and as much as possible completely downplaying the location or management of files. Basically the same as what you have on a phone or tablet today... Done partly for the "ease of use" by the general low power user who generally has serious problems understanding a file system, but also because they don't want you to know or worry about where your files really are. On the device? A server? The cloud? All three? It's not supposed to matter. In fact your files are supposed to be accessible on all devices whenever possible which means support for local file management and drag and drop etc is minimized or even removed from the Metro universe.

    This is one reason that "professional" computer users are not too keen on it... They generally have some pretty strict needs as to the acess and management of files, thus wanting to stick with the normal desktop and file manager and their own server/backup solutions.
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Windows 8 Metro File Picker Dialog
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