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Conflict between live accounts or unexplained trouble with me

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    Conflict between live accounts or unexplained trouble with me

    Don't even know, posting it in right forum or not.

    Help anyone, please...

    Far in 2004 or 2005 I created an email account named
    Later, when Windows Live Services were launched, I created another email, named and continued using both accounts separately.

    some weeks ago I got Windows 8 Release Preview and installed it on my machine.
    When creating my own windows live user account, I entered my email address, namely Then, to make my PC trusted, I was told to wait for
    confirmation letter from Microsoft.

    Some hours passed, I was waiting for confirmation letter. Just another day I found
    the letter, however, just not in mailbox, I'd declared (,
    but right here -

    Do email addresses: "" and "" both
    serve for physically one mailbox? (But if so, It's not clear, why that letter
    reached only one place and didn't appear in both mailboxes); or is it just
    Microsoft mistake?

    Could anyone please help me by explaining, how could it happen, that mail was got
    to mailbox, I had not declared and pointing me right steps for linking the right
    email ( with my Windows 8.

    Thank you very much.

    P. S. I emailed Microsoft so far about it. What you think I got for answer? Microsoft Customer Services Representative, Rocky, advised me to read FAQ...

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    I believe when you trust your PC, it has to send a confirmation to your alternate security email. I had to wait until the 27th because my Hotmail account was somehow hacked and spamming and I couldn't get back into it. Then, my Live account deleted the old alternate Hotmail account so I could use the new one to trust my PC. It must had worked already because I'm not getting any notifications telling me to trust this PC.
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    You mean, confirmation letter was sent to the mail, indicated as "alternative" in my primary (
    Seems, you are right... however, I had not paid attention to it. For, you know, right in account overview page I see this computer, I'm working now on, selected, as trusted, while in my hotmail mailbox account, this computer is not yet trusted (why?). It means, there is no problem between my hotmail and live accounts and Windows 8 user account.

    Thank you so much.
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Conflict between live accounts or unexplained trouble with me
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