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Laptop - Power Settings - Stuck on power saver?

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    I'm "fixated" on that something changed if you didn't have this since a year ago.. and more-so, I'm sorry to profile, but the only people who actively search and buy computer "gaming" machines like that (yours) on "amazon" are typically people who use things that can cause conflict.. such as torrenting etc.. (coupled by the fact you are "hesitant" to let me just see your screen and look at your power settings and what pagefile/tweaks you probably have not set..) but like you say, this didn't happen a year ago.. sooo.. I ask what you changed recently.. and you answered "your power settings.."

    well, start googling how to reset default power settings.. which I'm sure you won't find anything.. so the answer will then be something like a "windows reset" or Windows refresh..

    and.. since you won't let me try to help you via teamviewer, YOU yourself, need to start thinking about troubleshooting logically and with educated guesses..

    things like have you tried to take out your laptop battery and run the laptop with power cable connected only.????

    but yeah.. you got this..

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    I'm hesitant to open up my personal machine via remote control to a stranger whom the only contact I've had is 4ish responses on a public forum. I don't understand the most inner workings of team viewer and what can be done upon establishing a connection (besides the obvious control) but it seems like a bit of a risk.

    That aside, I did not change power settings, just which profile was active.

    I have already tried the various combinations of battery, battery + plugged in and no battery plus plugged in. None made any difference.

    I have however, fixed the issue. As horrible as the solution is... here it is.

    While the laptop was running, with no battery but plugged in, I unplugged it (without shutting down). When plugging it back in and starting back up... everything was back to normal. Go figure.
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    finally.. thinking outside the box.. ha.. you apparently got it..

    on the note of not using teamviewer I can understand,

    your personal machine is opened up no matter what you do buddy.. just so you know, don't think you aren't targeted by ads / malware / phishing scams/ popup clickers that you don't even notice/ even installing programs from Cnet can open up terrible avenues.. there is even the little popup that says "are you sure you want to leave this page or stay?" and no matter what you click, you get injected blah blah.. and all kinds of programs you download everyday on the internet.. in other words, if you are connected online, you are a target.. so get that out of the way already..

    but I can't argue with being scared about using teamviewer with a stranger so more power to you.. and I guess you got your power back..

    just even clicking on this can "open" you up to strangers buddy.. just getting that out there..

    Click image for larger version
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    Sigh... suppose that is all good to know.

    Thank you for your help.

    I rang Asus at one point, they ignored me completely and just said do a factory reset. Glad I didn't listen to them so quickly.
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Laptop - Power Settings - Stuck on power saver?
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