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is this serious? it says critical

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    is this serious? it says critical

    this event viewer popped up in the task bar. and when I whet there I got this:

    a fatal alert was received from the remote endpoint. the TLS protocol defined fatal alert code is 20.

    and this, what ever this is.

    - <Event xmlns="">
    - <System>
    <Provider Name="Application Error" />

    <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>




    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2016-01-25T14:56:58.000000000Z" />




    <Security />


    - <EventData>













    <Data />

    <Data />


    and there are 71,122 events, all in the red. because i've never been able to figure out how to shut it down so it would stop recording every thing on the hard drive over and over again.

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    St. Augustine
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    I strongly suspect this has something to do with the updates pertaining to the windows 10 upgrade. The GWX you see in the error is the Get Windows Ten application (GWX) and it could be crashing for some reason. Do you have update KB3035583 installed? Have you allowed other telemetry updates pertaining to windows 10 to be installed? I think you can thank Microsoft for this problem. If you have KB3035583 installed I would try uninstalling it but it might be way too late.
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    as soon as I saw it was GWX and windows 10,

    I knew it wasn't "Serious".. haha
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    Windows 8.1

    Install update KB3035583 from around mid-Dec 2015 updates, it will update GWXUX.EXE version amongst other things.
    I got exactly the same error report. I had delayed installing that update listed as recommended.
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    where do I go to put that update so I can install it? and I could not install any of the other updates, because when I tried, each one tried to download windows 10. and is there a way to delete all of the events? and is there a way to shut down that thing so there will no more problems like this? or at least control the thing. thanks for your help.
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    I don't know what you did with it.
    I hid it in the usual way by Right Clicking > Hide update, then Restore hidden updates.
    I don't find any control needed, it is just a hidden icon in the notification area, nothing else, no bother. I have never registered an interest in Windows 10. That will be done when it suits me.
    You can apparently de-register an interest thru the GWX menu, but I'm not going to test that.

    You can get at the scheduling tasks, Control Panel > Admin tools > Task Scheduler > Microsoft > Windows > Setup > gwx and GWXTriggers.
    I have not changed anything as it is no bother at all.
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    ok, got that done. and what about the update KB3035583? where do I go to type it in to install it? and yes, I got rid of the other updates the same way, right clicking then left clicking on "hide the update".
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    St. Augustine
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    Quote Originally Posted by commander View Post
    ok, got that done. and what about the update KB3035583? where do I go to type it in to install it? and yes, I got rid of the other updates the same way, right clicking then left clicking on "hide the update".
    Not sure what you want to do. Do you want to install KB3035583 or hide it? If you want to move to windows 10 then KB3035583 will facilitate that upgrade but if you don't want W-10 right now and don't want to be nagged then you must get rid of KB3035583 or hide it if not already installed. KB3035583 is the main driver for the W-10 upgrade.

    You could also install the 3rd party GWX Control Panel to stop the GWX activity.

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    if you look up at reply #4 by Helmut concerning KB3035583 and what it was for. as for windows 10? I don't want it now or ever. but after getting rid of the "get windows 10" icon in show hidden icons, it's back. and after following the instructions to block and get rid of all attempts
    by windows to upload itself, it started trying to do it yesterday anyway when I was trying to install a so called critical update.
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is this serious? it says critical
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