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computer absolute disaster. pretty sure a virus is involv

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    computer absolute disaster. pretty sure a virus is involv

    today i got the latest bsod called memory something. i was trying to fix it by scanning everything and suddenly windows became barely resposive, i couldn't get on the internet, if i tried to run a scan of my malware all in one program it would freeze up every time. i remember at one point i got the windows 10 restore disc (this computer came with windows 10 but it was so buggy on this computer i went with windows 8.1) to say press enter to use dvd. i didn't do it because i didn't want windows 10 on my computer. now it won't do it at all. it won't recognize the two restore discs (i have a windows 8 restore disc and 10 restore disc). it barely recognizes the wireless internet dongle driver disk. it appears to be recognized in my computer window but it will never run a program and it's constantly reading the disc. i finally got the internet working by using my old dongle that was failing. it won't last forever but it's all i have right now. my malware all in one program is able to run and scan now without freezing. i ran rootkit programs and they don't find anything. this has to be virus related. i couldn't run any antivirus. i couldn't get on the internet. i can't restore or refresh windows. the only discs the drive recognizes is non windows restore discs (though barely).

    i don't have a usb drive. i do have a memory card that you can insert a micro usb card into it but no memory readers on my computer. i don't have any external drives that i can easily use as a bootable restore disk.

    antimalware rootkit is still scanning but i know it won't find anything.

    i'm at the end of my rope and i feel hopeless about this. i'm desperate for some help.

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    i just put another disc into the drive and it comes up saying all bytes are used but when i explore it says nothing is there.
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    okay got the disc drive problem fixed. the discs were dirty. that's it. that makes no sense. the only thing i can think of is that i heard that blue-ray discs are very finicky and that it doesn't take much damage to make them unreadable. could that also apply to blue-ray drives and non blu ray discs?

    also that doesn't explain the freezing up every scanning attempt, the inability to restore or refresh windows. it's like it fixed itself randomly and that troubles me. problems that big don't just "fix themselves". i haven't tried to restore or refresh windows again because i don't want to if it's working now.
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    You relate this to a virus... but what have you DONE that could have had inserted a virus into your system hmmmmmm????????

    it sounds more like hardware faults and/or components like memory..

    or are you not telling something you did recently???????


    and unless you got some major major new virus that writes itself into the bios of your motherboard, just low level reformat your hard drive...
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    Sounds more like your hardware is failing or you have driver problems.

    Memory management is probably the error code you mean, caused by memory (memory, page file, hard drive), drivers or in some cases the Windows kernel.
    Please create a new thread at and follow the posting instructions
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computer absolute disaster. pretty sure a virus is involv
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