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Will you upgrade? That is the question...

View Poll Results: Will you be upgrading to Windows 8?

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  • Yes

    72 46.45%
  • Maybe

    32 20.65%
  • No

    51 32.90%
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Will you upgrade? That is the question...

    Obviously, will you upgrade? Hit Yes, No, or Maybe. If maybe, what's your reasoning?

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    Covington, La
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    Windows 7 HP 64bit, Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center 64BIT

    I like it. Its seems snappier then Windows 7 and I love the fast boot. I also find the Start Screen easy to organize and use.

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    Yes. After using the RP for a couple of minutes, I absolutely love it. Metro isn't even that bad.
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    City of Burj Khalifah
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    8 Release Preview, 7 Home Premium

    For a couple of days using W8 OS I think that I will upgrade even if it is a hard bound even in terms of money to a new unit. Kind of multi tasking on the side bar of the metro that we can use programs simultaneously with the new Metro Dock.
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    Windows 7 Pro x 2/Windows 10 Home/10 Pro/Windows 10 TP

    I am happy using Windows 7 ATM but have also been happily dual booting Windows 8 on 2 desktops since the Developer Preview came out.

    Although some improvements are good like the ribbon and task manager other features will be lost (but not irreplaceable) using 3rd party software.

    The one thing I thought was great especially with Win 7 was Aero glass and ability to use custom themes after using a theme patcher. In Win 8 it seems almost any aspect of customizing the OS will be removed and all we are left with is a bland stoic interface with very few new features that would compel one to upgrade.

    Win 8 is more suited for tablets but if there are other improvements when Win 8 RTM's and if the Apps from the store (free or paid for) are actually worth downloading and using than I may be persuaded to change my mind.
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    I wont (almost certainly) be upograding to Win8.

    I have 3 PC's.
    Main one I have an SSD to get the improved performance (I'm guessing at less cost than Win 8).
    Second - I can't run Win8 RP because of the NX "feature".
    Laptop - 6years old - runs fine on Win8 CP - when that dies - hello Ubuntu as I don't want to spend money on that old a PC.....

    So the other 2 licences may go towards a nice Adroid 10inch Tablet.... (ducking and running!)


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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Windows 10 Education 64 Bit

    Not going to happen. I have two desktops and one laptop running Windows 7. There aren't enough added features over what Windows 7 has to make me want to put up with Metro on a non touch device.
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    Win8.1 Pro, Desktop Mode

    It depends. Once it rtm's, I'll see if they have made any further mess of the desktop experience. As it stands, I run completely in desktop, and it looks much the way my 7 does, complete with xp style taskbar with quick launch. If they don't screw that up, I might consider it. If not, they can kiss my Royal Canadian butt....
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    Posts : 120
    Windows 8.1 + StartIsBack + AeroGlass

    No. I don't have a touch-enabled device, so Windows 8 is not a good investment for me. I finally went ahead and bought an SSD drive instead... now that truly makes a difference in performance.
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    Definitely a big yes for me. Windows 8 made my tablet usable.
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Will you upgrade? That is the question...
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