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    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    There were multiple leaks, at least one/month.
    I personally tried build 7048, build 7077 and build 7100 (RC).
    I've still got the install discs that I created.
    Oops!! You're right, my mistake ...
    I wrote about XP - Vista. My bad!

    When Windows 7 was in preparation, there were leaks almost once a week - from Pre betas (v.68XX) ,through official Beta (v. 7000), , to the RC, and so on ...

    The only truth is that the public were only Beta and RC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mart4494 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by The Starr Life View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Strange question.

    Upgrade implies replacing what you have with something better.

    "Will you change to win8" makes more sense.

    If you mean replace the existing o/s with win8 - the answer is no.

    Not on a desktop/laptop.

    Will I use a win8 tablet - completely different question.

    I might.
    I think windows 8 is an upgrade. How is faster boot times not an upgrade. I don't see how something that takes less to run yet does all the same stuff is not an upgrade? I am personally excited for windows 8. I will be upgrading my secondary machine. I will keep my other 3 PCs as windows 7 just to play it safe. I will say I am more excited a out windows 8 to see what hardware they release following. & how it fairs against apple (I hate apple) in the mobile phone market and tablet market. We will see!
    There's more to it IMO than just boot times. If it was all about that then I'd throw an old copy of DOS simply to get to the c:\ prompt to start working. Trouble is I don't have an old 5 1/4" floppy drive. It's all about the overall user experience which includes the Metro (or whatever it's called) UI together with real world benefits to the user. These benefits (if any) will vary from user to user.

    So for some Win8 will be an upgrade and for others it will be viewed as a downgrade.

    Like many I view Win8 as a tablet/phone OS rather than a laptop/desktop Win7 replacement. Think it could do well in the phone market provided enough service providers push it into the market. Not so sure about the tablet especially as firm pricing details of the Surface have yet to be released. Interesting times.
    You are right it is relative but I don't see what is a downgrade. What exactly is a downgrade to you as the user? You don't need to use the metro UI which yes if you never do upgrading might be pointless for you (except the fact that it boots faster). I think it's good because it cuts out a lot of the bullshit. I think it is kind of a bad time because I think windows 8 will be once new hardware comes out. When touch screen monitors become more of a household name, flex monitors, stuff like that. I'm not saying it will be the end all be all but regardless l think it is a good direction. Hahahah plus if it sucks they will release windows 9 right after 8 (like vista & 7). I mean if you have one PC then I would agree no you probably shouldn't jump into it but I would say that about ANY operating system. But if you have another PC then I would say yes! I am excited for Microsoft and to see what they do with it. They've been working with these live tiles for awhile now (ie the Zune HD that they sadly discontinued) & if you read about that it got great reviews BUT people complained no apps and the tiles weren't utilized now they are being now. I think in general people hate change, which sucks, I love change, even the bad change brings good change. Because people learn from their mistakes and others mistakes.
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    After tryin Win 8 RTM for a few days, i am liking windows 7 even more now.... its a feeling like i didn't know how great OS i have been using since last 2 years...
    Really now just looking forward to what Win 7 SP2 will bring to the table....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gulls777 View Post
    After tryin Win 8 RTM for a few days, i am liking windows 7 even more now.... its a feeling like i didn't know how great OS i have been using since last 2 years...
    Really now just looking forward to what Win 7 SP2 will bring to the table....
    your worst fears...metro start screen xd.

    i will be upgrading my os, despite the minor issues that so many seem hell bent on focusing on there are far to many good points, sure the major issue most have is the general look of the os and how we interact with it, but my mouse and keyboard will still work as they do now, key commands and shortcuts will work, all i'll have to deal with is the touch input which i plan to get around by getting a motion tracking device to simulate gesture control rather than touch screens which just cost far to much money for anything of reasonable quality.

    lets not forget that more motion tracking and gesture related products are hitting the market than touch devices which seems exclusively for the use of phones and tablets, sure the technology is maturing but touch has been around for how long and still hasn't had a wide spread uptake in the home, reasons abound but there clearly is an issue with trying to sell touch to home users.
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    I like the new file copying style, new task manager is cool, faster boot time is also welcome.
    But kind of forcing me to use metro is something i am not cool with, also deliberately trying to make desktop interface ugly as compared to Win 7 is also not encouraging either.
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    I have always been excited to move to new OS, never afraid of the challenge to learn my ways around new system....
    -When XP came out, i had my first PC which was pentium III with 128MB RAM , using XP was much slower experience on that PC when compared to 98, but hell i moved right onto XP and never looked back.
    -Then after a while i upgrade my PC, get a Pentium4 with 512MB RAM and XP is flying on that thing. Then comes the Vista, a nightmare for my system specs, so i install it and feel that i need to have at least 1GB RAM for this thing.Also the aero was not working on my PC due to on board graphics. I rushed to the market, got myself another 512MB RAM and a midrange graphics card. Installed the vista again, liked it a lot and Bye Bye XP.
    -After a while , i got a Quad core system with 4GB RAM and decent graphics, and Vista became super smooth. Then comes 7. For the first time , no increase in system requirements. Moved right onto 7 and Vista becomes past.
    -Today by the grace of God, i have a decent i7 system which is rocking windows 7. Next windows is about to launch, but hey what happened, they are taking out many features to make it "resource efficient". What d hell, we don't need that much resource efficiency today.... today's systems have got enough power to rock anything as demanding as windows 7. This resource efficiency was needed back when thay launched Vista as systems were not near powerful enough at the moment. But today is a whole lot different situation. With so much processing power today, people demand eyecandy with other things. We haven't bought these systems to run something like Windows 2000. They want to give resource efficient , they might re-release Win 98. But as far as new OS is concerned , they need to be on the right track.
    People talking about so called "learning curve", it isn't about learning curve, they wanna change the classic look of windows, fine with me, but do it keeping the desktop users in mind, and i will welcome new OS as always. But mixing it with a mobile OS, is not an innovation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gulls777 View Post
    But mixing it with a mobile OS, is not an innovation.
    You're damn right it's not. It's a hybrid Dracula - Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde monstrosity!

    The real question is, how many who choose to use W8 as a primary OS, do so without modifying the start menu with something like Stardock, and at the same time thus avoiding Metro? Hmmmmmm???

    C'mon fan boys, come clean!
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    Not this fanboy. I wouldn't spray paint graffiti on a Rembrandt. Why anyone would twist 8 to look and perform like 7 is beyond me. Why not just stick with 7?

    8 is an innovative OS. It still contains the classic desktop to run legacy programs (for now). The only major complaint I see by PUs is the MS apps open full screen snapping 1/3 - 2/3. Perhaps they'll work multi-pane in with SP1 or with 9.

    Wouldn't exchange the Start Screen for the orb or Start Menu one bit. Pun intended. Able to organize better IMO. Live tiles are very informational. Better than unsecure and resouce-hog gadgets. Who emailed me, weather in multiple places, news, pics, personal notes, etc. all at a glance.

    Able to organize in groups. Scroll sideways with arrow keys, page up/down keys, home/end keys, or mouse. Navigation much more superb.

    It completes MS's trifecta of devices.

    I could go on, but it's all been posted multiple times before .
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Seems preposterous to me when the new UI does the same as the previous UI.
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    Hell, only two fanboys who use W8 as is? C'mon guys, where are all the others hiding?

    A more pertinent question would be: What % of those who upgrade to W8, and use it as a primary OS, use Stardock and avoid Metro?
    Double Hmmmmmm!!!

    If the survery asked: Who will upgrade to W8 in it's basic format, without using Stardock or similar? ... the % of yes voters would drop very dramatically.

    The only reason to use W8 configured to W7 format would be to gain the performance improvments in W8 general OS, which in reality is the basic W7 OS with iPhone/tablet appendages. But is it worth the hassels? Hopefully a SP2 will come out for W7 that includes these improvements, then no contest.
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Will you upgrade? That is the question...
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