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Should I upgrade to Windows 10 or not?

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    Should I upgrade to Windows 10 or not?

    I tried to upgrade my laptop back in August of last year. At that time I was still looking for work and the new internet browser wasn't compatible with many of the online employment applications. I attempted to restore back to Windows 8.1. This cause my system some major issues resulting me having to completely re-install windows 8.1 from my recovery discs I had made.

    Now I am working, but I'd like to work more...from home. Since my laptop also came pre-loaded with Office 2013 pro, I'm giving the idea of getting certified in (MOS certification) in Office. While looking up information on certification partners, I now understand that MS is coming out with Office 2016 that integrates into Windows 10.

    The question now becomes, should I upgrade Windows or not? What are some pro's and con's?

    Sidebar: Sometime in 2016 I plan on doing two upgrades to laptop. First bumping memory from 6GB to 16GB. Wife and I have thousands of photos that needs to be scanned and saved along with video of our daughter. While researching memory, I found that one company makes a SSD drive (2T) that would be compatible as well. What ever I do upgrading wise, will need to be repeated when I install the SSD.

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    The quick answer would be: Take a look at the windows 10 forum under General Discussion and just about every other topic and check out all the problems users continue to have. It is constant with current posts all day long and it seems as every cumulative update causes more problems and remember, with W-10 you can't control the updates, so if you want to join in that's your choice. Also, if you had problems the first upgrade what makes you think you won't problems again?

    I used W-10 for a full month and reverted back to 8.1. For me, I saw nothing in W-10 that made me want to stay with it. I don't care for the forced update situation with W-10 and I would never use Cortana (too intrusive). Windows 8.1 is good to go until 2023.

    To be fair, you should probably post your question on the Windows 10 forum but I am confident you won't get much more than a one-sided opinions in favor of W-10 as there are lots of Windows 10 Evangelists on the 10 forum.
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    Unless you are doing research for more work to use office 2016-

    Let the guinea pigs keep dying with windows 10

    while the windows 8 users continue to just hear about there problems and forced intrusion of privacy.. (Not that it isn't happening on windows 8 too though!)

    There is no reason right now and probably for the next year to jump to windows 10..

    Just go ahead and name one reason.. Go.. I can't wait..
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    Quote Originally Posted by brooksndun View Post
    There is no reason right now and probably for the next year to jump to windows 10..

    Just go ahead and name one reason.. Go.. I can't wait..
    For people running Windows 7 or 8.x, there is a case to upgrade by July 2016 while it is still free and let the machine activate on Windows 10.

    Then, even if you rollback straight away, you'll have acquired a licence to run Windows 10 on that hardware if you wanted to upgrade at some future date (assuming you don't change the hardware).

    If you wait a year, then there's no reason to suppose it would still be free.
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    Damnit haha

    yes I did forget that SUPPOSEDLY windows 10 won't be free after whenever.... (Because you know they will extend it)

    Ok yes there is 1 and 1 reason only to upgrade to windows 10 now damnit..

    But it's solely based on MONEY and nothing else!

    (Which seems to be more important since people aren't making good income?)
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    I'm one that has used Win 10 since the first Preview. I've never had any severe issues with it. I've upgraded multiple machines and multiple VMs without issue. However, I still won't upgrade any of my main machines to Win 10. Not because it's a terrible OS but simply because it doesn't offer me anything more than either Win 7 or Win 8.1.

    Unless you're someone that's on Win 8.1 and wants the Win 10 Start menu, or someone running Win 7 or Win 8.1 and wants the new Edge browser or Cortana there is nothing compelling enough in Win 10 to warrant upgrading to it.

    When building/buying a new machine, I would go ahead and get one with Win 10. I recently got a new laptop running Win 10 and it has been flawless.

    Don't make the decision based on money, the cost to buy Win 10 just isn't high enough (IMO) to make that a factor in my purchasing decision.
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    Well, that settles that then. I'll mark this solved. Thanks for the input folks!
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Should I upgrade to Windows 10 or not?
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