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Okay so starting sometime this morning I have started having an issue with my displays. (My system specs are in my profile.) I am running a dual monitor setup with one being a Dell U3415W and the other being a Vizio M65-C1 65" 4K UHD TV. I use the one monitor to do work and the TV for entertainment (movies, games, etc.) so here is the problem. Up until this morning everything worked as it should. If I was watching a TV show or something I could turn monitor 1 off and back on as necessary without disturbing what was going on, on monitor 2. Now when I turn monitor 1 off and then back on I get nothing but a black screen. I am able to fix this by unplugging the monitor from the back of the computer, then plugging it back in. everything seems to work fine after that until I, once again, turn the monitor back off.

While monitor 1 has the black screen, I have checked display properties using the TV and it shows the monitor is still detected, and the proper resolution. Also, the monitor itself acts as if it is still functioning because the "no signal" image doesn't appear and it doesn't go to sleep it just stays black.

I am completely at a loss for what could be the issue. Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to offer.