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any suggestions on books about win8 hardware/OS

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    any suggestions on books about win8 hardware/OS


    sorry this maybe OT or not in the right place but this is one of the few places i could think to post this question

    along time ago i started to read Peter Norton's Inside the PC 7th edition,which i had loaned from the library sent it back and due to work commitments i didn't carry on with my research. i know its a much criticized book. i want to know if there exists now a book that would cover the modern PC at the level that the above mentioned book did ?

    i know there probably isn't such a book but i was wondering if there's a series of books (not necessarily by the same author) that would start off like the norton book and then go on to explain the hardware /software i.e. operating system of a modern PC (lets say windows 8) in great detail and its relationship to a PC's hardware-

    even if someone could give me a mixture of books and internet resources both free and paid for that would give me a deeper understanding of the workings of a modern PC,like norton attempted to do.

    cost is not a problem but i would like the material to be comprehensive and reliable and from trusted authors.

    please help.

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    Probably not exactly to order but I found these 5 free eBooks all having to do with Windows 8. Likely 4 of the 5 are worth a look. You are probably too advanced for the "dummies" book.

    For hardware knowledge I would try to find a free source on the PCI bus and other PC hardware. Back in the day there were so many bus technologies it fragmented the market. PCI has won the bus battle so you may as well delve into some of the nitty gritty.
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    Microsoft's Technet area is a vast wealth of information that you will never find in any books.
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    Half-Priced Books also have many used books, DVDs, book&DVD combos. When The 'Net's not available, one or two good reference books or DVDs are not a bad idea.
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    Not sure how valuable the new editions are, especially since he's not the author any more.
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    thanks so much to everyone , i'm sorry not to have thanked people earlier,been very busy,this has given me somewhere to go

    big thank you everyone,

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any suggestions on books about win8 hardware/OS
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