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Can File Explorer Auto-Refresh be Disabled?

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    Bruce, I'm telling you what you want can be done you just aren't using the correct "sort by" option..

    Unless I don't understand what you are trying to do,

    If you have 1000 files and you need to rename them, you can, after you rename one file you are saying it jumps somewhere?

    There are about 50 ways to tell the explorer to sort and I know and at least one of the ways will sort the files to the way you want.. There is definitely a way through the internal windows sort method..

    Have you looked at the 50 ways to sort??

    Arrange, sort, or group your files


    How to sort by most recent with folders on top? - Microsoft Community

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucedavis View Post
    Thanks for that. I haven't searched for "auto arrange" yet. I was using other terms. I have been considering a third party file manager but i'm like what's the point of Win Explorer if it's not robust. If ANY filemanager should have the most options , it's the one integrated into the OS!

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    Is FreeCommander like Midnight Commander for Windows?
    It is similar. It has a dual pane multi-tabbed design. New development is FreeCommanderXE. But I like the old FreeCommander last release. It has a nice file renamer, Layouts or tab sets that you can open by clicking on the layout name. Many features.

    There is a multi-threaded file manager named MultiCommander that is available as a true multithread 64 bit program if you have a 64 bit version of Windows.
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    @brooksndunn, I appreciate the options you have suggested. I have already acknowleged that using sort by date can help to prevent this but in cases where I'm not renaming a camera roll of images, the sort by date can be tedious. I have used these methods on occasion for lack of a disabling feature. I know, I'm difficult when I want things to work my way

    Quote Originally Posted by MilesAhead View Post
    This is great, I was reading the comment section and someone suggested after renaming the first file, press TAB instead of ENTER to jump to the next file. I tried this and it actually sets up the next file in rename mode automatically after the other file rearranges itself. This is convenient since there is no need for extra key strokes like F2 or clicking the highlighted file to rename it. I am still going to check out FreeCommander. I use Linux in command line mode frequently and mc is my friend LOL

    I sincerely appreciate everyone's feedback! Thanks for helping me out
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    dont forget all the super shortcut tricks!

    Like I never knew holding shift or CTRL while clicking sorting forces things too...

    you can do it with windows.. but yes, it just takes some figuring out how to manipulate it..
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    Glad the tip on the page worked out for you.
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Can File Explorer Auto-Refresh be Disabled?
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